Supporting Gut Health During Alcohol Addiction Recovery

In our holistic practice at the rehab centre, we often find that the journey to recovery isn’t merely about breaking free from the chains of addiction; it’s also about rebuilding and rejuvenating the body, particularly the gut. Rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies, the belief that our gut is the centre of our well-being has gained […]

Alcoholism Among Retirees

You’ve clocked out for the last time, handed over your responsibilities, and you’re finally free to enjoy the golden years you’ve worked so hard to reach. Retirement is often viewed as a celebratory milestone, especially in South Africa, where the concept of ‘Ubuntu’ emphasizes the collective well-being of the community. But there’s a hushed narrative […]

Alcohol and Anxiety, A South African Perspective

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances in South Africa, with an estimated 602,391 individuals considered dependent drinkers. Shockingly, only 18% of those affected are receiving treatment for their alcohol-related issues[1]. Recent statistics reveal a concerning surge in hazardous drinking behaviors, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Monthly YouGov surveys indicate […]