Techniques For Developing A More Positive Inner Dialogue During Recovery

Developing a positive inner dialogue is a powerful tool that can shape your mindset, bolster your self-esteem, and support lasting change. Embracing a more positive self-talk can align with the principles of the 12-step philosophy and evidence-based therapies that work. Here are some techniques to help you cultivate a more positive inner dialogue and enhance […]

Navigating Withdrawal Symptoms in Prescription Drug Addiction Therapy: Uncommon and Surprising Facts

Withdrawal symptoms are a challenging aspect of addiction recovery, particularly when it comes to prescription drug addiction. As you embark on your journey towards healing, it’s important to equip yourself with knowledge and understanding about the withdrawal process. In this article, we will delve into some uncommon and surprising facts about navigating withdrawal symptoms in […]

Overcoming Obstacles To Self-disclosure In Addiction Treatment

As you walk the road to recovery from addiction, one of the challenges you might encounter is the fear or difficulty of self-disclosure. This is understandable as it often means coming face-to-face with issues that you may have been avoiding or denying. But remember, overcoming this obstacle is a crucial part of your healing process. […]